XML Jelly Sandwich Demos

Starter kit for XSLT 3.0 in the browser using SaxonJS

XML Jelly Sandwich Demos

XML Jelly Sandwich is a library of XSLTs you can use to create XML/XSLT applications using SaxonJS. These will run in most any modern browser with Javascript.

The demonstrations, and XML Jelly Sandwich in general, are entirely dependent on SaxonJS and would hardly have been conceivable without the contributions of Saxonica and oXygen XML IDE among many others.

Each of the demonstrations listed is provided with source XSLT. The page code will show you where: if a call to SaxonJS inside an HTML page says to invoke stylesheet: 'transform.sef', the stylesheet (from which the compiled .sef file was produced) will be there as file transform.xsl.

Latest Demonstrations

These may (also) be published elsewhere but are maintained here for long-term accessibility.

Published at large

The Thalaba demo calls a file in a fork of E Beshero-Bandar’s TEI Thalaba. Thanks Elisa!

The Constitutional Convention is as mostly restored from a 2002 SVG original produced by Jim Surkamp with the developer. It still relies on original SVG declarative animations – YMMV on different browsers (try Firefox).

Note that while SaxonJS is a dependency for these demonstrations, the XML Jelly Sandwich XSLTS were only an expediency, not a requirement. The Jelly Sandwich utilities have simply made these easy to set up and launch.

Also maintained in this repository

Note that the demonstrations were all made at various times using different generations of tools available in the repo. Each has subsequently undergone more or less radical configuration and rewrite.

The code

To produce your own XML application using XSLT and SaxonJS, XML Jelly Sandwich offers XSLT you can use to produce “starter” files, which you can subsequently modify and improve. See the repo.